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Fake stones threaten to undermine Sri Lanka's gem trade

Geologists say more than fourfifths of Sri Lanka's 65,000 square kilometre land mass could contain underground gems. The bestknown mining area is Ratnapura, or the City of Gems, where a stone ...

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The gravels of Sri Lanka's gem bearing land hold the greatest concentration of gems on Earth. Out of the 65,525 square kilometres that makes up Sri Lanka's land area, 90% is estimated as potential gem bearing land. Among the five major gem producing areas in Sri Lanka, Ratnapura or the "City of Gems" is the most prolific gem producing area.

Lanka Gemmological Institute Sri Lanka

Founded in 1985 by Mr. K L D Dayasagara, Lanka Gemological Institute has grown to produce one of the talented gemological resources personal in Sri Lanka. LGI has established itself to serve customers not only from Sri Lanka but also customers as far as Singapore, Germany and other South Asian countries.

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Gem Mining Sri Lanka and Thailand GemLab Laboratories. zircon sand mining sri lankaMining Equipment For Sale. sri lanka gems | ruby padparadscha sapphiresri lanka is known as the island of gems or ratna dweepa, famous for the ceylon blue and padparadscha« calcium carbonate grinding machine for sale in Thailand.

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In addition to being known as the Spice Island, Sri Lanka is also referred to as the Island of Gems. Indeed, some of the most famous and beautiful blue sapphires in the world came from the alluvial gem mines of Sri Lanka. Even today, these gemstones, and several others, still come from the country ...

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Sri Lanka's gem industry has a very long and colorful history. Sri Lanka was affectionately known as RatnaDweepa which means Gem Island. The name is a reflection of its natural wealth. Marco Polo wrote that the island had the best sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other gems in the world.

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Sri Lanka gems Gem tours Sri Lanka. Renowned as the Land of Sapphires – Sri Lanka is a mesmerizing island blessed with rich soil bearing precious gem stones. Due to the abundance of gems the island was also known as Ratnadweepa (land of gems) as .

Ratnapura (meaning city of Gems) in ... Sri Lanka Holidays

Ratnapura (meaning city of Gems) in gently hilly landscape in wet zone ... (Sinhala: city of Gems), the Mecca of Gem mining, cutting, processing and trading in Sri Lanka, the legendary city with the greatest concentration of gems on earth has made Sri Lanka one of the top five gembearing nations in the world.

An individual who engaged in gem mining without a permit ...

An individual who engaged in gem mining without a permit, arrested Hiru News Most visited website in Sri Lanka,Sri Lanka Latest news updates from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka News updates and discussions.

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People from a diverse variety of backgrounds have written about the gems and jewelry of Sri Lanka for hundreds of years. Sri Lanka's rich jewelry history is believed to be over 3,000 years old, dating back to the approximate time of King Solomon's reign, which means that Sri Lanka is home to many of the world's oldest known gem mines.

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Sri Lanka is earlier known popularly as "Rathna Deepa" which implies the meaning of the gem destination. True, this island consists of many number of gems for affordable prices. Not only Gems but also the Jewellry made with designers choices. With this you will get the opportunity to expeince the gem minning and the lives of gem miners too.

Gem mining areas in sri lanka.

Jul 27, 2010· Gem mining areas in sri lanka. Tuesday, July 27, 2010. The prople of the towndepenbs on the gem trade. Gem pits are a common sitein the surrounding area. Most of the large scale gem businessmen of sri lanka . operate from ratnapura . There are considerable numbrs of foreign gem.

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 Elahera Gem Fields  The next day, we head for the alluvial gem fields in the Elahera region of central Sri Lanka. This area is estimated to produce up to 35 percent of Sri Lankan gemstone exports, including some large sapphires. Although mining dates back to the 12th century, commercial operations began in the 1960s.

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Sri Lanka is a Sinhalese word that translate as 'resplendent land'. The land of the finest unheated sapphires, 's eyes, alexandrites, spinels, star sapphires, garnets, aquamarines, amethysts and many other gem varieties. Ratnapura, or "city of gems" is the locality with the most concentration of gem mining.

Ratnapura Sapphires Pride of Asia | Ratnapura Gem Market

Ratnapura Sapphires Pride of Asia | Ratnapura Gem Market. Among the major Gemstone Mining areas in Srilanka the most prominent are the Ratnapura and the Elahera Gem Mining Areas. Sri Lanka is called as the "Jewel Box" of the Indian Ocean and it is believed that 25% of the entire land mass of Srilanka is filled with precious Coloured Gemstones.. Srilanka has nearly 7580 Colored Gemstone ...

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Dec 19, 2017· Behind Gem Net you'll find an enthusiastic team of travel professionals who are waiting to help you. Gem Net team, love Sri Lanka, and wish to show the rest of the world this unique and tropical pearl tear drop Island of Gems in the Indian Ocean. All Gem Net staff members have expert knowledge and their advises will make your tour special.

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Apr 14, 2019· Looking down the sapphire mine shaft. This picture was taken looking down into one of our sapphire mines in the mining region of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. It has been dug completely by hand and is reinforced with heavy timbers to keep the shaft form caving in.

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Sri Lanka's city of Gems, Ratnapura, is the world's richest treasure house of gems is a picturesque town attracting tourists from all around the world is also one of the most prominent gem mining destination in Sri Lanka. Rare sparkling precious and semiprecious .

Moonstones of Meetiyagoda: Mining the ... Explore Sri Lanka

Home » Moonstones of Meetiyagoda: Mining the Rare Blue Moonstones of Sri Lanka ... Mining the Rare Blue Moonstones of Sri Lanka February 2017| 6,125 views. A moonstone pendant. Pick up a blue moonstone anywhere in the world, and the chances are that this beautiful gemstone would have come from a small village in southwest Sri Lanka ...